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FreightMatchers is in the business of creating solutions for all your Truckload [TL] transportation needs. When you need an immediate pickup and delivery, TL carriers cannot always respond. Their trucks may be carrying loads for others or may not be in the vicinity you need them, at the time you need them. Let FreightMatchers solve this problem for you.

In addition to the carriers already under contract with us, FreightMatchers has virtually unlimited capacity, we can utilize any carrier that meets our stringent qualification requirements; thereby solving the basic TL issue of a single carrier not having the equipment where you need it, when you need it.

FreightMatchers provides a diverse array of equipment:

• Dry Vans                            • Air Ride                     • Power Only            
• Vented                               • Open Top                  • Curtain Vans
• Step-Decks                        • Double Drops            • Ocean Containers
• Flatbeds                             • Refrigerated Vans


Less-than-Truckload shipping can sometimes be a challenge if you are not familiar with the process or the carriers networks. There are a variety of different carriers to choose from. The capabilities among the different carriers vary as does their rates and transit times. Through our strategic alliances Freightmatchers has assembled and qualified the best LTL carriers to handle your particular shipments at competitive rates. . .

Less than Truckload LTL

There are many factors that should be considered to assure you have the correct carrier to meet your specific requirements. The following are some of the items you will need to consider before making an LTL shipment with a common carrier:

•  What are your transit time requirements? Transit times will vary from carrier to carrier, the pickup day is not counted as a day in transit and the total is calculated as business days. [ Monday through Friday, so if your shipment has a 7 day transit time and you ship on Monday your ETA would be Wednesday of the following week.]
Does the carrier service the origin and destination direct or indirect? - When a carrier services an origin and/or destination on their own trucks this is called a direct point, if the carrier has to hand the shipment off to another carrier to service a specific point this is called interlining. When a carrier has to interline with another carrier this usually adds additional days to the total transit time. 
What is the value of your shipment? It is important to communicate the value of your shipment to assure we have the proper insurance coverage in the event of loss or damage.  Many LTL carrier's tariffs will limit their liability by offering you lessor shipping rates for a trade off of less liability for loss or damage.

Each shipment handled through FreightMatchers is given the attention required to assure we are selecting the correct carrier or service provider, based on your transit time requirements, specific product considerations and your cost constraints.

FreightMatchers is ready to handle your LTL freight; give us a call, let us handle the tough questions.


What our customers say:

...thank you for the wonderful service and competitiveness your company offers. Your team is always on top of our business needs and you never seem to fail in responding in a timely and thorough manner. We are confident that when you are handling our shipments that they will be monitored and tracked to assure our customer gets on time delivery. If there is a delay, and in this business that will happen occasionally, we are informed in advance so we can take action to minimize the impact. Thanks for the extra effort.....Grace, Logistics Manager

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