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FreightMatchers is a proud member of the first business certification program for professional 3PL businesses with proven expertise in logistics.

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Advantages Of Working With FreightMatchers

• Prompt payment settlements
• Payment for stops, detention, driver assist and tarping
• Drivers are treated professionally with courtesy & respect
• Long term relationships

FreightMatchers Downloadable Documents for Carriers: 

Broker Carrier Agreement             

Broker MC Authority                      

Broker Company Profile               

Broker W-9 Form                          

Broker Surety Bond Certificate

Diamond Broker Program


All downloadable documents are PDF


Getting set up as a preferred carrier with FreightMatchers is easy, you must:


  1. Meet the minimum qualifications subject to DOT requirement

  2. Have a Satisfactory safety rating issued by the DOT
    A. No Safety Rating - your Inspection Selection System (ISS-D) must be a 74 or less
    B. No ISS-D rating send in your package for review

    1. You must disclose any other MC#'s you have or have had within the last 36 months

  3. Drivers and carrier dispatchers must be proficient enough in English to understand and communicate with shippers, receivers, FreightMatchers and the general public

  4. Maintain insurance levels as specified in the Broker Carrier Agreement

  5. Return the required documents

    1. Print and complete the Broker Carrier Agreement [BCA] (please initial all pages and sign the last page and identify your title)

    2. Print and complete the Carrier Profile Request form

    3. Print and complete the FAX & Email authorization from

    4. FAX back our requested documents with your following documents:

      1. MC Authority

      2. Insurance certificate

      3. Send FAX Request for Insurance to your insurance company requesting FreightMatchers show as the Certificate Holder

  6. W9 form

  7. Safety rating issued by the DOT



Already a preferred carrier


You will be able to:

                       •  View Aging Freight Bills               •  View Paid Freight Bills

                       •  View Year-To-Date Loads            •  View Insurance Status

                       •  View Your intransit loads             •  View Your missing paperwork  

                       •  View available loads                    •  Accept loads online

                       •  Add your available equipment     •  Update the status of your shipments



Available Loads





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What do other carriers say...

...thank you for the follow through regarding the recent load received from you. I understand things don't always run smoother as we would like, we constantly have to adjust to the situation. I look forward to doing much more business with Freightmatchers....your professionalism and promptness are refreshing...Rick, Owner-Operator

...we complement you and your organization for a high degree of professionalism. It is a pleasure to work with you and when problems arise, they are handled with the utmost concern of all parties. Thank you again for the business that we have handled and we are hoping to do more in the future....Jim, President

...our dealings with Freightmatchers have always been positive and pleasant. It is refreshing to find partners in our industry with integrity and honesty like Freightmatchers. We have enjoyed working with Freightmatchers and hope to continue our business relationship for years to come....Jason, VP of Operations